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Conservation - developed globally, managed locally

We believe that the most effective and long-term solutions to safeguard species and habitats lie in local hands. Capacity development for us is about helping people build expertise and access the resources they need to own and deliver conservation. This concept lays at the heart of FFI's work.

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 4 December 2014 to 5:00 PM, 17 December 2014

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People are both the driving force behind conservation loss and the reason for protecting it. With biodiversity being lost at 1,000 times the natural rate and increasing pressures related to population growth, such as habitat conversion to agriculture, hunting, human-wildlife conflict and climate change, the need for conservation has never been greater. As populations worldwide grow, so do the pressures on natural resources; conservation can provide innovative solutions for easing these pressures


Our method is to work in mutually beneficial partnerships with a common purpose, where each partner brings something to the table. We provide long-term, bespoke support to those who ask for our help to build their technical, institutional and leadership capacity. To address conservation challenges, FFI works with people ranging from government organisations to local community co-operatives and individuals. We help them access resources, knowledge and skills to conserve biodiversity effectively.

  • I chose FFI because I knew they were effective and well-focused and would bring help speedily and effectively. They did.

    — Sir David Attenborough

  • I found Fauna & Flora International exactly suited my sense of how conservation was going to work in the future

    — Stephen Fry

  • If you value the natural world, if you believe it should be conserved for its own sake as well as for humanity’s, please support FFI

    — Sir David Attenborough