Mentor Scheme

Stage2's Mentor Scheme is accredited by the National Mentoring & Befriending Foundation. Peer Mentors run a Buddy Scheme for new members and ensure everyone is happy, secure and aware of all opportunities. They promote integration between our wide demographic (1/3 of members have specific needs).

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The membership of Stage2 is made up of a variety of young people aged 7-21 who come from different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, ability, confidence and experience levels, socio-economic groups and geographical areas. As is the case with all young people, sometimes members can find it difficult or intimidating to settle into a new social group or might be guarded because of past experiences. We are also very aware of the ever-building social pressures on young people.


Stage2 members are all recognised as individuals (Every Child Matters) and we are proud to embrace any “quirks and eccentricities,” actively celebrating people’s different skills. We wish to actively encourage (through a Peer Mentoring Scheme and intrinsic mentoring ethos) positive social and productive working relationships between young people. Mentors receive training to enable them to support members at a basic level and then refer to staff as appropriate. They are clear role models.