Helping The Burmese Delta

Improving the livelihoods of landless villagers

Many of the villagers in the Irrawaddy delta are landless labourers, who are paid daily and have very meagre and irregular incomes. We will implement a village-led scheme to bolster their income through pig breeding. This has been very successful in other parts of Myanmar, and can double incomes.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 4 December 2015 to 5:00 PM, 14 December 2015

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The problem is simple - poverty! Opportunities for earning income in the Delta are effectively limited to labouring in rice production, and fishing. Because there is only one rice crop per year where we operate, incomes are both low and seasonal. We are therefore seeking practical opportunities to increase and stabilise the incomes of these very needy people.


We propose to adopt a proven model from the US charity Shanta, which involves the breeding and sale of pigs. The charity's input is to develop a plan with a village and train chosen participants. Each participant family receives a breeding sow. When the piglets are sold, the family pay back the original cost of the sow from the proceeds. This money goes back to the village, which then chooses another family. Once running the scheme is self-supporting, and greatly increases villager income.