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Saving people with kidney failure in Zambia

In Zambia kidney failure is very common, and the outlook is worse than having HIV/AIDS. Dialysis is limited and most patients die. A transplant programme is now achievable and a surgeon from Zambia has been to the UK to train. The team from the UK now need to get to Zambia to help him get started.

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There is a growing problem of kidney failure in Zambia and across the world. It has many causes and affects all ages. In Zambia there is now the chance to change this through the development of a kidney transplant programme where one family member saves the life of their relative by donating one of their kidneys for transplant. It is a common procedure now in the Western world and skill transfer is needed to develop it in Zambia.


It will save the lives of patients suffering from kidney failure, and will teach the life-saving skills to the local medical staff so that many more lives can be saved in the future. At the heart of Transplant Links Community's work is sustainability - we aim to equip the surgeons, doctors, nurses, nephrologists, theatre staff and other staff involved in the project with the leadership, strategy, skills and knowledge so that eventually they can run their own sustainable transplant programme.