Lionboy tour to Africa

Lionboy, Complicite's first show for young people and families toured the UK in Summer 2013. Complicite now intends to take the production and supporting education programme to Africa, a continent it has never toured to before, and one which is at the heart of the Lionboy story.

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Cultural exchange between the UK and Africa is vital, but can be difficult. The British Council’s 2012 report on North Africa, ‘Voices of the People’, states that 'The UK is perceived as having one of the most vibrant arts scenes in the world, and it is important that UK-based practitioners come to the region'. However, because of the cost and logistics of touring live theatre internationally, this can be incredibly difficult even for leading UK theatre companies, and often proves impossible.


Touring Lionboy to a series of African countries will allow Complicite, one of the most influential theatre companies working today, to bring its world-class work to new audiences and foster cultural exchange. The Lionboy story is rooted in Ghanaian heritage and collisions between cultures. And Complicite has a long history of building lasting partnerships with international venues and artists, also running an award-winning Creative Learning programme to help local communities access its work.