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The Holburne Museum: Art in the Community

Getting involved with creative activity is fun & rewarding: it can encourage confidence, develop skills, improve self-esteem & change lives. The Holburne’s Art in the Community programme offers art and volunteering activities to people who don’t normally have the opportunity to engage with art

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 5 December 2011 to 4:00 PM, 22 December 2011

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Bath is viewed as an affluent area, but within it there are polarised communities with a real and urgent need. People who are long-term unemployed, older people living alone, young people with low academic achievement or homeless people. People who may not usually engage with the cultural and work environments of Bath due to a lack of confidence, isolation, no formal work training, undeveloped skills or a perception that 'it is not for them'; leaving them feeling disconnected from society.


The project addresses some of these issues by giving people the opportunity to develop their own creative art skills, develop leadership skills, improve employability and enable them to make new connections in their own lives and with new people. The Holburne has seen through previous community projects with vulnerable people that involvement in art and volunteering can have a real and lasting impact on the lives of participants.