Hoylake Cottage

Hoylake Cottage Day Care Appeal

To build a new day care centre for older people and those with dementia. The centre will be light, airy, have spacious lounges and offer services such as bathing, chiropody and hairdressing. Our plan also includes an internet cafe and information source for the local community.

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It ran from 10:34 AM, 10 January 2011 to 10:34 AM, 10 January 2011

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In the Wirral there are over 4000 people diagnosed with dementia, many of whom live at home with carers. These carers deserve respite from the stresses that caring for their loved one brings & it is not always possible due to the lack of day services on offer. Many older people are admitted to nursing homes before they are ready and lose their independence even though they feel mentally & physically capable to maintain their independence. Carers often feel alone due to the unknown of dementia.


We want to help older people live in their homes for longer and by providing a centre that keeps them physically and mentally active they will be able to maintain some of their independence and stay living in their own home. Offering day care gives respite to carers in addition to a welcoming environment to its users. An information centre and internet cafe will also provide the much needed advice and guidance to carers of those with dementia and enable them to meet others in the same situation.