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This project is intended to significantly improve the information and support that is available to the many thousands of people affected by brain and spine disorders through the development of our Helpline, the expansion of our publications and the information on our website over a three year period.

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It ran from 3:36 PM, 2 July 2011 to 3:36 PM, 2 July 2011

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What the money is for: Funding is required to develop quality information and support materials for people who are disabled by a brain and /or spine injury. We need funds now in order to improve access to better information on neurological conditions by the development of our Helpline, the production of specialist brain and spine booklets and the improvement of the information on our website over a three year period. How much is needed: The full cost of the project over three years is £656,286 How much has already been found: We have so far raised £264,353 towards this sum and our events programme is likely to produce more than £270,000 net income towards this project leaving us seeking approximately £120,000 from other sources. What we hope to achieve: 1) 80,000 children, young people, adults and older people will be better equipped to understand and therefore manage their condition. 2) 10,000 carers will be better informed to help family members manage their condition 3) Using 2008 as a baseline we will increase the number of people who consider that accurate information and advice from the Brain and Spine Foundation helped reduce anxiety and distress 4) 200,000 people per annum will view, download or request support/ booklets from one of our information sources