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34 CKS Padibe orphan families need a cow and grazing rights to be self sufficient

A self-sufficiency survival kit to enable orphan, child-headed families without any adult support to grow their own food and husband their own livestock is vital. The World Food Programme (WFP) food aid programme has stopped now that peace has been agreed. The children have been left without food or any means of providing it for themselves. It has been identified that, in Africa, if a family has a milk cow it has the economic clout to survive. If the orphan children cannot feed themselves, at the weekends and in the school holidays, they may end up being trafficked or sold into slavery because of their destitution. CKS want the children to continue to have a CKS education at CKS Padibe Primary School and have a future. For the 34 CKS Padibe orphan families re-housed on their traditional land, seed, digging implements, chickens and goats have already been provided by CKS Isle of Man. Their final requirement is a cow. Some of the families have children as young as 4 years, so a cow’s milk will help them grow up strong and healthy.

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1 cow costs £300. For all 34 families to have a cow, helping 102 orphans survive will cost £10,200. Any donations, no matter how small, can help these children become self sufficient. * Donations, gifts and support can be sent directly to: The UK charity accounts and governing documents are currently under application, after which, Gift Aid donations can be accepted and applied for UK tax payers. We look forward to your hearing from you.