The 2011 Trust

Tunnel Vision

To produce a series of ten, 1 minute films featuring famous phrases from the Bible such as ‘skin of the teeth’, ‘salt of the earth’ and ‘chariots of fire’. Investing in this could help put ‘the writing on the wall’ and break new ground in film technology.

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This project is being produced for the 2011 Trust by Footprint films. We need to raise the very modest production costs to help bring the very best British directors and writers around the project. It will highlight the Bible’s significance on present day English, create a lasting body of film work and will do so by using some cutting edge and surprising new ways to communicate – a fitting way to mark the 400th anniversary of the Bible being available in English. There are many ways these may be shown - at film festivals, on the internet, in Churches/Cathedrals and on bill boards. This project has already attracted the interest of both national and independent film organisations, including Screen London and the UK Film Council. A number of top UK directors have all already responded positively to this ‘Italian Job’ style project. 1 film costs approximately £10,000