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The Appleby Trust provides supported employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the Armagh and Dungannon area of Northern Ireland, providing support and advice to people with disabilities, their families/carers and employers. The project helps people with disabilities through the whole process of work from choosing the type of work they would like to try, negotiating with employers, on the job training and eventually independence in the work place.

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It ran from 8:57 PM, 10 November 2011 to 1:43 PM, 23 November 2011

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The project described above is ongoing and has been for a number of years, surviving on a cocktail of funding mostly European Peace money. As the country emerged from conflict and into a peaceful settled community the amount of European money gradually reduced and it was necessary to source funding from other sources. The funding situation reached crisis point in 2008, when the company as a whole came close to closing, being saved at the eleventh hour by the goodwill of an anonymous benefactor. Currently the project supports 48 people with learning disabilities in a variety of workplacements and employment, with a goal of supporting an additional 10 new people in this financial year, thereby providing 58 people with disabilities with the opportunity to experience all the positive benefits of work, including social inclusion, increased self confidence and self esteem and reduction of poverty through earning additional money. The work of the project is costed at £90,000 for the 10/11 financial year, currently we have secured £60,000 which is reoccurring and are facing a £30,000 deficit for this year. The costs are made up of salaries of the key support workers, mentoring support, travel costs, and core costs such as rent/heat/light, insurance. All money secured by the project is spent to ensure the people with disabilities can access work. We don't have any reserves, without the money being secured the project may be faced with reduced staffing which could impact on the number of workplacements we can support