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This programme, commenced in August 2006 proved a great success in its first year, providing two new classrooms at each of four schools, finished to a high quality, at schools where there was great need, due either to lack of classroom capacity, or poor condition of existing buildings. In the past children often suffered from chest complaints and eye problems caused by the dusty earth floors and small windows giving inadequate light and ventilation. There was also a real shortage of clean water which had to be carried from a distant river bed.

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Due to the poverty of the region, existing schools which have to be funded by the community are very poorly built. Sometimes built of brick but often a wicker shelter is used as a classroom. And there are instances of children being taught in the shade of trees. The new AAF buildings comply with new M.O.E. regulations concerning height, ventilation and light and each building accommodates 100 pupils in two classes. A 5,000 litre UPVC water tank is connected to the large roof area to provide valuable drinking water, and this is sealed with filters to prevent vermin contamination and breeding mosquitoes. All are built in partnership with the respective community volunteer workers, and employing local skilled tradesmen, to give a building completed in good time, on budget, and to a high standard. The plastered walls and bright paintwork also help provide a better learning environment and every pupil has his/her own desk, text book and pencils, something they never had before. Needless to say at every site the pupils, staff and whole community were overjoyed at completion of this project at their school, and this was reflected in even better academic standards achieved by the pupils. Breakdown of costs of a single, two class building:- Cost of materials and equipment £4813 Cost of employed local skilled labour £1871 Cost of transport and food incentives £545 TOTAL £7229 A one off cost of £72 per child – A good investment?