CASY (Counselling and Support for Young People)

Roll out to more of Lincolnshire

To meet with demand to expand the provision of our counselling and support services for children and young people into additional rural, dispersed areas of Lincolnshire, which we do not currently have funding to provide.

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We have 50+ volunteer counsellors providing services in Nottinghamshire but as yet only 10 in Lincolnshire. We are being asked to increase the provision across the county where there are significant issues for children and young people, particularly in such a financially deprived area of the country. The area also has significant incidents of domestic violence and emotional abuse and other impact on children, not least with the high numbers of parents in the armed forces based in the county on return from active duty. Experience over 10 years in Nottinghamshire has been that word of mouth from work in schools leads to setting up provision in community venues (eg. Connexions offices, youth clubs, village halls, GP surgeries, etc) for children who fear some degree of stigma that might arise from being seen in school. To meet with demand already coming in to CASY since we began operating in Lincolnshire, we need to provide a minimum addition of 20 new counsellors in the county over the coming year. It is expected that like Nottinghamshire, this demand will grow exponentially thereafter. Schools pay a contribution of £350 per term for a contract providing two counsellors who will work (on average) with 10 - 20 children/young people over a year. However, the remainder of the costs to CASY for this provision has to be found from charitable financial support. Volunteer mileage of 20p/mile amounts to an average annual cost of £750. To be in line with our undertaking to work within the BACP ethical guidelines, CASY contributes £20/month to clinical supervision for each counsellor (£240/year/counsellor). With expenses also for materials for art, creative and play therapy, our average counsellor costs CASY over £1,000/year. We therefore need support to provide the remaining (minimum) £1,000/year per school contract. Once we begin to make provision in the community, we will need also to fund room hire and other associated costs with that activity. Just taking the schools alone, to add 20 counsellors in the county we will need to find funding of £20,000 for the volunteer expenses. This amount would not even pay for one full time paid counsellor and represents a considerable saving for the county on provision of these services which will benefit between 100 and 200 children and young people in the county who will receive one-to-one counselling. Additional larger numbers of users will benefit from the workshops in mental health and well-being, self-esteem, etc:- based on previous work we would estimate this to be in the order of an additional 447 children/young people over the year.