Forest School, Essex

Forest School 175th Anniversary Capital Building Projects

On a site which is almost reaching capacity , two major building projects have been identified: a significant building at the heart of the School to free up space elsewhere and a new Pavilion in the Park.

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A New Building We need to add a significant building at the heart of the School to free up space elsewhere to enable us to breathe. Whatever the purpose of the building, though – and this is not yet fixed – it will cost money we don’t have: up to £2 million. If we were to attempt to raise this by increasing fees disproportionately, we fear we would reach the tipping point in disenfranchising those children and families of modest means whose blood runs rich in the veins of Forest School. Pavilion in the Park The Park, given to the School by the OF Club to commemorate the fallen in the Great War, is one of our most important resources and marks us out as a city school with playing fields on site. However the existing pavilion and storage units are badly vandalised, unsafe and therefore unusable. The School has submitted the necessary planning applications to replace the existing building but is unable to commit further funds in the next few years. We need to raise £300,000 to bring the Park up to the standard our pupils and guests should reasonably expect. We would like to install a highly durable, anti-vandal, steel, modular building which would be secure, yet attractive and versatile. Such a building would provide on-site facilities including changing rooms, shower areas, toilets, storage, galley kitchen and function room. A new pavilion in the Park would raise the standard of our provision here to the level offered by the Sylvestrian Leisure Centre and be of invaluable service to pupils, staff, parents and Old Foresters.