Bradford Cyrenians

Floating Support Worker

To provide funding for us to employ a floating support worker for 3 to 4 years. In order to give homeless men who move from supported accommodation to their own tenancies, support in their own homes.

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THE BENEFITS OF FLOATING SUPPORT SERVICES # This type of support can be offered to anyone who requires it irrespective of the type of accommodation they live in. # Services are flexible and can respond rapidly to crises or emmergencies # People in isolated or rural areas can be provided with support in their own homes. # Floating support adopts an holistic approach to assessing an individuals needs and acts as a focal point for accessing other services. # It helps tackle homelessness by sustaining accommodation thereby meeting wider strategic objectives such as reducing crime and anti social behaviour. # It can deliver health and social care outcomes, including prevention of hospital re admissions, support through hospital discharge, reduction of substance misuse and prevention of institutional care. POSITIVE OUTCOMES FOR PROVIDING FLOATING SUPPORT TO HOMELESS MEN # Reduction in repeat homelessness # Reduces isolation # Reduces eviction # Reduces Crime # Increases social inclusion # Improves quality of life for service users