The International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Building effective management skills in civil society HIV/AIDS organisations

We believe that building strong management skills in southern NGOs is essential if we are to increase the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS development programmes on the ground. This is your chance to help the leader of an Indian HIV/AIDS organisation to build their management skills through a respected action-orientated management development programme.

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The International HIV/AIDS Alliance is a partnership of national organisations spread across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, each with a shared mission to support community action on HIV/AIDS and run independently by country managers. We believe that by developing the management skills of these senior managers we can increase the impact of their HIV/AIDS organisations on the ground and encourage their growth and sustainability. We hope to raise the funds to allow a leader of the Alliance’s partner organisation in India to take part in an 18-month International Masters programme in Practicing Management (, starting in April 2009. The program is spread over a year and a half, encompassing 10 weeks in the class and two separate weeks on a managerial exchange with a fellow participant. Assignments between the modules are designed to deepen and continue the learning, in a way that allows managers to reflect on and improve the effectiveness of the HIV/AIDS organisation they lead. Our aim is to enhance the management skills of an Indian national working as a leader in the field of HIV/AIDS. We believe this will support the longer-term development of effective and sustainable HIV/AIDS national organisations. The programme has already helped four senior managers from the South to build their management and leadership skills. As a result, one participant has already set up a successful income-generating consultancy arm to the organisation he leads, in order to support the sustainability of its HIV/AIDS treatment and care programmes. The cost of involving a Southern participant on the IMPM programme is £25,000. This includes £13,000 for fees (which represents a 50% cost reduction being sponsored by INSEAD business school) and £12,000 for travel and accommodation throughout the programme.