Staffordshire Community Foundation

East Staffordshire Community Fund

To build a permanent endowment fund for the geographical area of East Staffordshire. The fund will be invested to generate income which can be given out to the community in the form of grants. The Staffordshire Community Foundation will also match each pound donated with 50p.

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It ran from 8:14 PM, 27 January 2011 to 3:01 PM, 29 November 2016

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To help the disadvantaged and struggling community and voluntary groups. These groups are the sort of organisations that everyone knows about but few think about. The youth clubs, the play groups, resident's associations, children's sports teams, social groups, heritage projects, townswomens' guilds'. The list goes on. The groups that provide a vital service to so many and yet find it amazingly difficult to raise funds to carry on providing their services for little or no charge.


The income generated from the endowment fund will be distributed each year as grants.