Bliss, the special care baby charity

Supporting families of sick and premature babies

One of the most basic things parents need when their baby is born premature or sick is to be able to talk to someone. Parents who feel confident and well informed are more likely to be able to provide their baby with the support that they need, improving their long term outcomes

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As a result of having a baby in special, parents often feel confused and helpless. Mothers of premature babies have higher levels of anxiety than mothers of term infants and are at greater risk of developing postnatal depression . This can then affect the parent/child bond and put a baby at risk of developmental delays .Our trained family support team and volunteers support families and parents with a free helpline and a range of support and advice services.


Our support and advice services for families includes: a free and confidential helpline (91% of parents using the service in 2009 reported feeling reassured); a register of volunteer parents who have had a premature or sick baby and are able to offer telephone support to other parents in a similar situation; and a counseling referral service which provides parents who have had a particularly traumatic experience with free counselling sessions with trained, qualified counsellor