Dearne Culture Trust

School Chidren's Productions at the 2010 Wath Community Festival

Provision of extra-curricular training and support to enable children from our local primary schools to carry out public music/dance/drama performances during our 2010 Community Festival.

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Part of the way through the Saturday morning of our Annual May Bank Holiday Festival we would like to arrange for children from our local schools to carry out pre-arranged music/dance/drama performances in the town centre based on a particular ‘theme’. An initial joint schools production would be followed by performances by individual schools. In the past these performances have been very colourful and entertaining productions and it is clear that the children themselves enjoy taking part in them. The schools’ productions would be arranged by professional performance artistes who would be provided with a budget by the Dearne Culture Trust to enable them to prepare, rehearse, and produce the children’s performances. To this end the Trust would hire a professional coordinator who, in turn, would arrange arrange for the artistes/performers to visit the schools, in the months prior to the Festival, to provide extra-curricular training and support to the pupils to prepare them for their performances. In past years the School Children’s Productions have received very positive feedback both from both the public and from the School staff involved. The primary beneficiaries of our proposals would be the children actually taking part in the performances but members of the public attending the Festival celebrations would also benefit from witnessing them. The performances would take place in Montgomery Square, which is at the centre of our township, and theme for the 2010 schools' productions would be linked to the town’s ‘Thomas Tuke 200th Anniversary’ celebrations. Specific end goals for the children taking part would include: development of performance skills and experience within the context of a large public audience and professional sound system; development of self-esteem and confidence; the opportunity to experience and participate interactively in performing in cultural experiences outside their normal range; team development; healthy living through participation in dance/performing arts. Budget costs for the Children's Productions would be: 36 artiste’s days @ £150.00 per day £5,400.00 Professional co-ordinator’s fee £1,000.00 Materials £600.00 Hire of PA system £500.00 _____________________________________________ Total £7,500.00 _____________________________________________