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Street Child World Cup

‘When I play football people see me as person – not just another dirty street kid.’ The South African World Cup should be a wonderful celebration, but for street children who have to survive on the streets, abused and ignored, it’s a time to dread. The first Street Child World Cup aims to change this by bringing street children from around the world together to play the game they love , to celebrate their potential and to let their voices ring out - claiming the basic human rights they are denied.

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The inaugural Street Child World Cup, Durban, March 2010, will bring together street children from eight countries to compete on the football field and to launch an international call for governments to uphold street children’s rights. The street child teams will compete in a seven-a-side tournament. They will be coached by organisations who use football to educate and break down barriers. They will work with artists to tell their stories and be trained to use football as a tool to share their learning, and to act as advocates and mentors for their peers after their return. The street children’s recommendations and the asociated television and media coverage will form the cornerstone of an international campaign to win the support, protection and recognition they have a right to receive. By speaking together these street children’s voices will be heard and the abuse they experience no longer ignored. We have to date raised £105,000 of the £480,000 required and a further £110,000 has been pledged by partner organisations. Of the outstanding £265,000, nearly half is to meet flight costs and just over £100,000 is for costs incurred in South Africa. "The Street Child World Cup demonstrates the tremendous potential of every single child, and especially street children, who are so often treated as less than human. I am proud that the first ever Street Child World Cup will take place in South Africa – and I urge all governments to guarantee the rights of this most marginalised group of their citizens to lives in which their promise is fulfilled." Archbishop Desmond Tutu