HARP Homeless Action Resource Project, Southend-on-Sea

Valkyrie Road Project

A new purpose-built, Accommodation and Training Centre in Southend-on-Sea,serving people who are homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1098126)

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HARP’s success in enabling homeless people to move towards independent living is as a result of putting into place three key types of service: support, accommodation and training. When all three elements are in place, people are more able to sustain their tenancies and live more positive lifestyles. We provide: • emergency outreach response (food, warmth and shelter) for anyone who is homeless; • homeless prevention for those at risk of homelessness • emergency, short term and medium term accommodation • housing and financial information, advice and support; • education, training and employment opportunities Harp is now at a key stage of its development. We are poised to take forward plans for a new Accommodation and Training Centre by redeveloping the existing Day Centre site over the next three years at a cost of £3m.The generosity of local supporters means that we are already close to achieving 25% towards this target. Planning permission was approved on 15th July 2009 by Southend Borough Council. The existing building is in a dilapidated state and is costing a great deal to maintain. Insufficient space and the design layout severely limit opportunities for further developing our services. Only the ground floor is currently useable. There are no alternative, suitable premises in the area. The cost of refurbishing existing facilities would exceed that of a new build and not address the aim of delivering streamlined services. Therefore redevelopment has been identified as the most cost effective solution. This project means that we will secure and build on the provision of emergency accommodation locally. The existing night shelter provision will relocate to the new development. Our Night Shelter is the only direct access hostel within a 25 mile radius. The current lease ends in 2011 and the freeholders intend to sell the property on the open market. It is shared accommodation (only 14 bedspaces in 8 rooms). There is no access to the Shelter’s accommodation during the daytime. Improved accommodation will comprise of 33 new ensuite bed spaces including wheelchair accessible bedrooms for emergency and follow-on bedsit accommodation. We will create an environment where people can take control of their own lives. New facilities will allow us to develop an exciting range of new training opportunities and meaningful activities to equip people with the skills and self-belief needed to participate fully in their communities. The new building will help people to build new lives. The Day service facilities will be: • Training and meeting rooms • Medical room with access to chiropodist, health visitor and doctor • Interview rooms • Coffee bar and dining area • Washing and laundry facilities • A welcoming reception area • External courtyard and green space The new building will be sympathetic to the adjoining properties and respond in scale and form to the terraced street of which it is part. Replacing the existing dilapidated building will improve the appearance of the neighbourhood and this has been generally welcomed by local residents. Residents’ views have been fully taken into account during the development of the plans. These have been revised in the light of these consultations. For example, the external courtyard was incorporated in response to concerns about service users congregating on the road and provision for CCTV cameras has now been included to enhance security. We welcome visits from potential donors to see first-hand the impact that our supporters are having in changing the lives of young people and adults.