PIPS: support and therapy for babies and children

PIPS is a new and unique service in the UK, run by PACE, providing assessment, therapy and support for babies and toddlers (age 0 to 3) who suffer brain injuries before/during birth, or who are at risk of such a diagnosis. We also support parents too at this important and vulnerable time

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There are precious few services for children at risk of disability or other development needs when they leave hospital and begin life. Mums and Dads need support and advice at this vulnerable time, too. At PIPS, PACE offers families the chance to receive specialist advice and support. Early intervention like this is proven to be critical in achieving better long-term outcomes for disabled and development-delayed children.


We believe PIPS is the first service of its kind in the UK. We offer specialist assessments for babies as young as just a few weeks, advice for parents, clinics to support sleeping and feeding (which can be problematic and even dangerous for these little children), peer group support for families, and build parents' skills and confidence to meet their child's specific needs. We also believe that this can become a model of excellent early intervention that will set a new standard for the UK.