Multiple Sclerosis Trust

The Enquiry Service

We provide a human voice and an ear to listen for those people that contact us when they or a loved one has an MS diagnosis. Our enquiry service ran by an experienced and professional small team. The friendly, knowledgeable team reassure and advise callers at a daunting and confusing time

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We will continue to inform and guide the enquirers to our help line through our dedicated team. Our Enquiry Service works hard to assist in deciphering information for those affected by MS. The team are able to provide practical support and advice and signpost to the relevant institutions and organisations that can assist individuals on their MS journey. MS is a hidden condition, as many people choose to keep their diagnosis, their symptoms, and their fears to themselves.


Our Information Team member; Jane advises how due to the complex and unpredictable nature of MS no-one can say what symptoms an individual might encounter or their future. "When people call the enquiry service they can be crying and often in a very poor state. They don't know if they are coming or going. They can't talk to their family because they don't want to worry them. It is often not possible to speak to health professionals. They don't know anyone else who actually has MS."