Wild Camel Protection Foundation

Environmental Education for rural children in Mongolia and Xinjiang in north west China

Educating children in the Gashun Gobi desert area of Mongolia and China to protect a critically endangered animal - the wild Bactrian camel. It lives in their country and it is therefore important they develop stewardshipp skills to protect this animal. Through education materials, producing multi language books, posters, leaflets on why this animal and its unique desert habitat is so important.

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COST: £25,000 PER YEAR All funds raised go to support the work in Mongolia Paying local staff in Mongolia to work in the schools, preparing the environmental educational materials, talking at the schools running competitions and establishing ecology clubs. These activities all help raise awareness particularly in the communities close to the areas where the wild Bactrian camel lives. We also pay a local herdsman wife for all items she knits from bactrian camel hair. The Foundation through mircofinance funding financed her project and now she produces items which we pay for and then sell on our website. Unless the local people protect this animal it has no future and all the secrets it has with its amazing ability to drink salt water, withstand nuclear tests and survive the ice age will be lost forever. So imagine how sad a world would be without the ancient double humped bactrian camels and think if everyone protected endangerd species native to their own countries then more of these animals would survive.