Alternatives Projects (Gloucestershire) - advice, guidance and direction for young people aged 16-25

We want to give 24 young people the educational and life skills they need to live independent and constructive lives. The young people we work with have had difficult backgrounds and need support in many areas, including their emotional needs and respecting themselves and others.

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The Alternatives Projects are in Gloucestershire and are run by Stonham - a charitable organisation which works with vulnerable and socially excluded people. The young people we work with are referred to us with many support needs and from different backgrounds - they may be care leavers, have been homelessness, or have drug and alcohol addiction. Our staff work with the young people to identifying what support they need, providing guidance, advice and direction in their lives. We provide structure, social inclusion, social awareness and trying to provide a better quality of life through housing support, education and training support workshops. We'd like to set up and maintain educational workshops that benefit these young people in a meaningful way. The workshops would tackle issues that realley affect the young people, like drug awareness, alcohol reduction, sex education, healthy eating and living, personal development (including communication skills) and anger management. We'll also teach useful life skills that most people take for granted, such as cookery, personal health and hygiene, self sufficiency and social skills. The goal is to move the clients into independent housing, through a structured support plan and an in-house award scheme ,which is set up from the moment the client is housed with us. The clients receive on-going support from staff and are provided with certificates of achievement and a portfolio folder to take with them when they leave - which can help them prove to landlords and other agencies what they can achieve. These achievements could be from regular rent paying to social engagement and community working. Setting up training prgrammes that include materials, travel costs = £ 2000 Cookery workshops where we need to purchase dry foods, meat and vegtables promoting healthy living - as a weekly workshop = £ 1500 Our in-house award scheme which enables clients to engage and achieve offers a small incentive at the end of the scheme(12 weeks) where buy they can ask for upto £50 to use for developmental reasons i.e driving licence and educational materials, they receive no cash and recipets are asked for to provide for audit so with this in mind 24 clients in service and all achieve the award scheme and complete the 3 months = £4800 We would like to set up activities that teach basic life skills and survival skills, this can be done by accessing a camping site in Lydney, named Viney Hill. They provide skills in setting up tents, orienteering, archery, team working, canoeing and rock climbing. The cost for this valuable education workshop is 20 clients(including staff for safety reasons) = £1700, this includes all activities and travel to the site, using a minibus. We would like to do this twice a year due to the turn around of new clients being housed in our projects. The above is of huge importance to our clients and staff in the work we provide, the evidence if we receive funding can be clearly evidenced and very positive outcomes can be achieved that would benefit our clients, service and the community as a whole.