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We have the support of over 300 volunteers working in groups based on 75 nature reserves across Worcestershire. There are some projects which are too big for the regular volunteers to carry out or where more specialist skills are needed. We want to establish a small team of volunteers who can support and deliver this type of work.

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We aim to create a group of around 6 skilled volunteers led by a part time member of staff. They will supplement the existing nature reserve volunteers where the scale or nature of the job demands additional input. They will also be able to react to urgent situations such as fallen trees or damaged fencing which may lead to grazing animals escaping. This will provide welcome support to our dedicated volunteers and help pass on conservation expertise to a wider range of people. It will create a team which can carry out a greater scope of tasks to the benefit of wildlife and provide opportunites for leadership and development amongst our volunteer base.Financially it may lead to less reliance on outside contractors for some activites. The outline budget for year includes the inital cost of setting the team up with equipment: Yr 1 Total £39,200 as follows Staff cost (3 days/week) £15000 Vehicle (2nd hand Land Rover Defender crew cab) £14000 Trailer £1400 Equipment (inc brush cutter, chainsaw,drill, hand tools) £4,500 Clothing, boots, protective equipment £800 Training £500 Fuel, vehecle & equipment maintenance £3000 Yr 2 £19,650