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Women of Action: Learning and Savings groups for women in Bangladesh

For the last 10 years Food for the Hungry have been supporting the implementation of learning and savings groups for oppressed women in Bangladesh. These groups are empowering over 6000 women in the areas of business skills, literacy, health and human rights. We are planning to raise support to begin 150 new groups in 2009 - reaching a total of 2000 more women.

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Women in Bangladesh are some of the most oppressed in the world. Many girls are born into a culture where they are denied the right to an education, marginalized and abused because of their gender. We believe there is huge potential in each woman and that they can realise this potential for themselves, if given the chance. Ten years ago local staff began supporting the formation and running of learning and savings groups amoungst women- equipping them with literacy, business and leadership skills. In partnership, these women also learn about heath and hygienne and their rights - replacing ignorance and exploitation with hope and opportunities. Each learning group meets once a week and includes between 12-20 women. The running cost of each group, is £450 a year with a life cycle of 10 years - taking women from a point of abject poverty and oppression to a position where they are independetly meeting the needs of their family and wider community with confidence and the skills they have acquired. We are looking to partner with support to help fund the running of 150 further groups- reaching 2000 more women. Whether you are able to partner with us for one, three or more years we would be very interested in hearing from you.