Helping The Burmese Delta

Rebuilding schools in the Irrawaddy delta

Cyclone Nargis in May 2008 destroyed over 80% of schools in the worst affected areas of the Irrawaddy delta in the south of Burma, and very few have been rebuilt. Having very successfully built eleven schools, with five more in the pipeline, we are seeking funds to extend to further villages.

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Education is central to Burmese culture, and the only hope for poor rural children to escape a life of poverty. Cyclone Nargis caused devastating damage to schools in the delta. In the Bogalay district where we operate 84% were destroyed (296 in total). Such a school acts also as a community centre, and as a storm shelter. It is very much the heart of the village. Community schools in smaller villages receive no government funding, and the villagers are too poor to fund construction,


Our goal is to rebuild a further five schools, each catering for about 70 - 100 children. Each school costs in the region of £4000 - 8000 (depending on size and construction method) at current exchange rates and materials prices. Of the cost approximately 80% is materials and 20% labour.We work with our local partners who oversee all procurement and construction, obtain official permissions, and ensure village co-operation and involvement.