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The Youth Voice Journal (YVJ)

Youth Voice is an international, multidisciplinary, refereed journal that publishes theoretical contributions and empirical studies on youth policy and issues affecting young people, often written by young people themselves.

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Young people are rarely taken seriously when it comes to matters of political importance, and are often dismissed out of hand as ‘too young’ to make a real difference on the political landscape. Many academics, independent researchers, and the media have stated that academic, robust research and policy cannot be done by young people as they lack the skills, the experience and indeed the wisdom that they themselves claim to have.


The Youth Voice Journal provides a medium, especially for young researchers and young academics, to inform social policy and academia about the youth perspective through evidence-based research. It provides a platform for the intellectual exchange of ideas around the globe with the aim of influencing policies and practices that affect young people, and actively encourages those young people whose voice is rarely heard by policy makers to contribute to the journal or be heard through it.