Play and Family Support Team

The Play and Family Support team have been delivering positive play and activities for the most vulnerable children in our local community for 15 years. We provide services for local children in particular the most vulnerable for example those in temporary housing, those affected by substance/alcohol misuse or in families at great social risk. We offer activities through play to build children’s self esteem and social skills which in turn will encourage them to make positive life style choices.

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The children we work may be affected by violence, affected drug misuse or families seeking asylum. Some of the children may be living in hostels and they may have no personal possessions, low self esteem and confused feelings. As a result they may be dealing with issues such as social exclusion, poor educational attainment, depression, and behavioural problems.The proposed work covers both the Bramley and Armley areas of West Leeds. We work primarily in super output areas where the levels of deprivation are highest. We want to make considerable differences to children’s lives by providing the opportunity for them to learn and develop through play in a safe environment. Our active play programme will help develop children's social skills through confidence and self-esteem building and give them the opportunity to make new friends, share feelings and improve their emotional well-being. Many of the children we work with have limited exercise and poor diet. Being able to offer them active sessions that they will enjoy will make positive difference to their overall health and quality of life.