Southbank Centre

Pull Out All The Stops

The Pull Out All The Stops campaign is to restore and renovate the missing two-thirds of the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank Centre.

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It ran from 5:22 PM, 19 April 2012 to 5:22 PM, 19 April 2012

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The Royal Festival Hall was lovingly restored between 2005 and 2007 and as part of that refurbishment one-third of the organ was reinstalled. With two-thirds missing, the organ is unable to perform the complete orchestral and solo repertoire for which it was designed, and the auditorium’s aesthetics are affected by the hole made visible when the organ doors are open.


The project involves: repairing and handcleaning 5,000 pipes; building a new wooden organ frame; renovating the bellows and wind system that power the organ; and completely overhauling the electrics of the organ. The instrument's architectural focal point – the iconic monogram designed by Sir Leslie Martin, lead architect of the Royal Festival Hall – will be reconditioned and reinstalled. Reinstallation of the organ will take place in two intensive stages, during the summers of 2012 and 2013.