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To provide reliable information, advice and support to help people with a stoma. This commonly stigmatised topic is often difficult for people to discuss with their usual support networks so access to a dedicated, knowledgable and experienced team allows them to adjust to life after stoma surgery.

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Every year an estimated 22,000 people in the UK undergo stoma surgery (usually colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy). The topic is widely misunderstood and carries a stigma, meaning that people frequently suffer great anxiety. Without quality support and information this leads to poor adjustment, and frequently patients suffer psychological and physical problems until appropriate support is found. These problems, such as sore skin, body image anxiety impact adversly on people's daily lives


By providing clinical and peer to peer advisors who can offer support based on personal experience and professional knowledge. Patients have the opportunity to ask questions about and gain greater understanding of the management of their stoma and solving common problems, which enables them to become independent and lead a full and active life.