Chernobyl Children in Need

Hamichi Kitchen Project

To renovate the Kitchen to make it possible to feed the poor/ sick and vunerable children through our existing child sponsorship scheeme

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we wish to povide good quality uncontaminated cooked food to the children of this school, it is something we have done before at anothe school 4 years ago which has had major benifits to the health of the children,we know that we can repeat this sucsess at Hamichi school ( which is very poor ) The project will improve the health of the children,build up their damaged immune system , it will take approx 8 weeks to do which will include stripping the existing almost derilict kitchen , tiling the floors and walls , installing new wiring and drainage, and installing all new equipment, we will then provide a meal every day consisting of soup / meat and two veg / and a cake or a peice of fruit The project will cost £9,760 including everything ( we have over 9 years carried out over 24 projects all on time and to budget