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NRM: Restoring Deltic 55002

With the help of a group of Deltic enthusiasts, the NRM is looking to restore Deltic 55002 to working order for use on preserved railways. Also known as the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI), KOYLI is a significant part of the national collection. Built in the early 1960’s, Deltics represent the birth of high speed passenger service on the East Coast Main Line, from London to Scotland. Reaching speeds of 100 mph, Deltics changed the life of many commuters by significantly reducing journey times.

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It ran from 7:14 AM, 1 April 2009 to 10:12 PM, 12 July 2011

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The NRM is very fortunate to have a group of experienced volunteers and Deltic enthusiasts who have stepped forward to help the Museum repair the locomotive to full working order on two engines. The volunteers have been working on KOYLI every weekend since October 2008, which is currently situated in the interactive display ‘The Flying Scotsman Story’, in the Museum. The group’s efforts will include the restoration of the locomotive’s carriage heating system, making 55002 the only Deltic locomotive in preservation to have an operational boiler. The restoration of KOYLI would give the public the opportunity to see and experience a Deltic in operation as well as assist the NRM in telling the story of the East Coast Main Line and high speed passenger services. It will cost £35,000 to repair KOYLI and make her operational for preserved lines; NRM will fund part of the project and many parts of the locomotive have been kindly donated as in-kind gifts from a range of preservation groups, including Class 50 Alliance Group and Royal Scots Grey. We are therefore looking to raise £25,000 towards this exciting project. We won’t be able to give an individual thank you to you but rest assured we are very grateful for your donation and support for KOYLI. In return we will be holding a celebration once the project is complete; if you leave your details we will send you an invitation to you. For further information and to keep updated with the group's progress please visit Thank you very much for your support.