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Hospice at Home ' Sitting Service ' Pilot Project

Most people would prefer to be cared for at home during their last days. Our challenge is to become a " hospice without walls ", providing care where it's needed. A sitting service would give carers of terminally ill loved ones, time to re-charge batteries, + extra support in the last days of life

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It ran from 8:14 PM, 6 November 2008 to 12:19 PM, 23 October 2014

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The reality is that if a person wishes to die at home, the carers are on the frontline when it comes to caring for a husband, wife, partner, child, parent or friend and there will be long periods of time when those carers & family members are left to cope alone. This can lead to isolation, fear and lack of confidence, putting carers under a great deal of stress and worry, with the added problem of not even being able to leave the house without someone competent to watch over their loved one.


Carers play a vital role in a patients choice to die at home. Providing competent sitters that can take care of patients gives carers chance to re-charge their batteries so they can continue to care for their loved one making it possible for them to achieve their wish of dying at home.Sitters & Health Care Assistants would provide emotional & practical support to carers, increasing confidence, decreasing fear & isolation & empowering them to cope