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The new Museum of Liverpool will be one of the world’s leading city history museums, setting the global benchmark for museums of its kind and raising social history as a museum discipline to an international scale. The museum will demonstrate Liverpool’s unique contribution to the world and will showcase popular culture while tackling social, historical and contemporary issues.

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Building a new museum This brand new museum will build on the huge success of the former Museum of Liverpool Life. The old museum, with its limited floor space, could no longer accommodate the more than 300,000 visits a year it was receiving. With a greater amount of space, the new museum will be able to better represent the history of the city and can place Liverpool within a wider British urban context. It can also provide a showcase for National Museums Liverpool’s outstanding collections, currently held in storage, on a scale that cannot be realised within the existing venues, providing and unprecedented level of access to them. The complexity of a city, and the need to involve local people in its analysis, means that any museum exhibitions or displays should be capable of incorporating change, to examine and interpret the city as it evolves. Within the new museum there will be ‘anchor’ elements of the displays outlining the milestones of Liverpool’s development, combined with more frequently changing temporary exhibition spaces. This combination of approaches and media will realise the museum’s core value as an engine of learning through a mixture of education and entertainment. The Museum of Liverpool will deliver: a new national museum at the Pier Head Liverpool’s first 21st century public building a premier league family visitor attraction an exceptional learning and community resource 750,000 visits per year 100,000 learning visits a year at least 500 construction jobs 73 direct permanent jobs and 150 volunteers per year at least 300 additional jobs created in the local economy an understanding of the unique development of the city of Liverpool within a wider British urban context unprecedented access to over 10,000 objects from National Museums Liverpool’s collections which are currently in store and many of which have never been on display to the public 8,000 square metres of public space 200 seat theatre for audio/visual and community theatre performance a history and archaeology resource centre with handling collections for further study a children’s gallery (Liverpuddles) based on the River Mersey and its impact on the city a flexible exhibition infrastructure and changing displays to keep the museum’s appeal fresh and encourage repeat visitors a first floor level which can open after hours for events, meetings, after-school clubs and dining in the brasserie an active academic research programme a meeting place, people’s gallery and range of learning and workshop spaces for the local community and schools with active programmes in which people can get involved The total project cost for the Museum of Liverpool is £68 million. We are looking for donations ranging from £10,000 to £1,000,000.