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Sexual Abuse Project

Services are provided through the Sexual Abuse Project (SAP) based at NCS. The project provides a specialist group support for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Nottinghamshire.

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At SAP client can be part of a small counselling group for adult women survivors. Each group runs for 2 hours on one day each week for 10 weeks. All groups are women only run by professionally qualified and experienced women counsellors.Most women contacting the project feel isolated, that no one can understand how they feel or want to listen to them. Being part of a group with other women who have been sexually abused in childhood may help you feel that you are not on your own, that there is help and support available to you. The project offers long and short term support for adults age 18 and over and links to general counselling for those seeking individual counselling support.The project costs £50,960 pa. We are seeking £5000 towards the core cost of the project to undertake marketing, development and subsidised personal counselling counselling for users.