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Brookfield Shelter

We need to resurrect a hitherto redundant shelter at one of our UK farms to improve facilities for a special group of rescued donkeys who need close surveillance and continuous medication.

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It ran from 11:22 AM, 7 December 2011 to 10:24 PM, 28 August 2014

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The Shelter 3 site at Brookfield Farm has not been used for several years due to: • the dilapidated state of the original wooden shelter • the poor condition of the concrete run out yard which has cracked and started to break up We need to: • completely refurbish the Shelter 3 site and surrounding area • replace the old concrete yard • replace the rotten wooden building with a purpose built donkey shelter The resulting shelter will: • provide accommodation away from the main herd for a group of donkeys requiring specialist care • include a storage area for rugs, feed and treatments • be located next to grazing land The costs for this project are higher than would normally be the case due to the location of the new shelter: • it is several hundred metres away from the main building complex, which introduces additional costs in providing an electricity supply • the site is also on a slope, which means there are extensive excavation works which need to be carried out to level and landscape the area. We have estimated the cost of construction to be £160,000.