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a 'special' experience in the outdoors

Help us give young people with special needs an educational experience in the outdoors that will challenge, build confidence and most importantly, be fun.

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It ran from 9:35 AM, 18 May 2011 to 9:35 AM, 18 May 2011

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We are developing a project with 4 local schools, one of which is for children with special needs. The schools are in rural settings and the project is a mix of exploring the local area, expression through environmental art and discovery through outdoor activities such as caving. In order to give these children an equal experience and to provide activities suitable for their level of need and understanding, we need to provide additional support and expertise.


Our Bursary fund pays for additional instructors to work with special needs groups and the money raised for this project is specifically for that purpose. Young people, especially those with special needs flourish when given the opportunity to use the outdoors as their classroom. By providing additional instructors, who have a wealth of expertise and experience of working with children with special needs in the outdoors we will be able to offer activities that are educational, exciting and fun.