Attend-ABI (Acquired Brain Injury)

A new life-affirming inititative helping clients with ABI back into volunteering, further eduation and employment; an expert and empathic team work closely with clients to reintroduce them into the workplace and their community.

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An Aquired Brain Injury (ABI) is one caused to the brain during every day life. There are many possible causes including a fall, road accident, tumour or stroke. In May 2009, Rehab UK’s London Brain Injury Centre closed, which left 20 vulnerable people wondering how or if they would continue to receive vital services. No alternatives were offered to them. After meeting some of these clients, Attend Board Members and Senior staff were quickly persuaded that their courage and determination in engaging with this process must be recognised, and could only be rewarded by offering the service. Our comprehensive programme will focus on assessment, vocational planning, work experience and vocational support offering an holistic method of tackling the problems caused by brain injury. We will cover Cognitive & Behavioural re-training, Social Skills, Job Coaching, Work Placements and Support in Employment after leaving the programme. So far Attend has: Cleared two offices at our King’s Fund HQ Building off Oxford Street to create appropriate spaces to deliver the service, with existing staff hot-desking. Identified furniture, and IT resources we need to deliver the service. Recruited existing team members, and some sub-contract services to ensure we can deliver all that is required. Naturally, there will be various specific development costs as we establish the service on a firmer footing. In general, we have the following requests for: (i) immediate support to establish the pilot project (ii) an indication of ongoing support to create a new cost-effective service for the future. We are hopeful of securing income to meet certain delivery costs, however, we have been unable to secure: Set up costs: Service development time 7,500 Development Training development time 7,500 Furniture and IT equipment 8,300 Training Delegate Materials (£50 per delegate) 1,400 Facilitator Recruitment Training (5) 3,250 Keyworker Training (10) 4,400 TOTAL £32,350