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£16,500 per annum for three years minimum is sought to fund a new Care Worker for the Centre. The Nicky Alliance is dependent on its excellent staff and the frailty and extreme age of our members means that we must have qualified care workers to make their trips to the Centre safe and enjoyable. We are urgently in need of a new Care Worker but must secure funding first.

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It ran from 9:51 AM, 23 May 2013 to 9:51 AM, 23 May 2013

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What a care worker does The care workers at the Nicky Alliance Day Centre fulfil perhaps the most important role in the organisation. They are the people who have day-to-day contact with our 240 members. Offering emotional support: Our care workers ensure that everyone is happy. They assist our members with problems, offer comfort when they are upset, offer solace when they are bereaved, help deal with family problems and they discuss and deal with personal care issues. Helping to nurture a healthier lifestyle: The care workers keep the members occupied, enabling the members to be independent. It is their role to assist with medical problems and to promote the benefits of a good diet. The care workers work hard to maintain the members’ health and safety, whilst in the Centre. Creating a caring and stimulating environment: Our members are warmly welcomed into the Centre by the care workers. The care workers are on hand to greet people with a smile and to deal with members with warmth and affection - to play games and take part in activities with them and to make their time in the Centre happy. Care workers are also on hand to make trips out possible. Making social inclusion a reality: The Nicky Alliance Day Centre prides itself on providing a warm and caring environment for its members, where they can make new friends and combat the loneliness and neglect that comes from isolation. If a member misses a session, the care workers follow the absence up with a telephone call to check that that person is alright. The care worker will send “missing you” cards to those who cannot attend for a while and everyone receives a birthday card. Encouraging culture: The care workers help members to connect to their Jewish roots and to discover authentic Judaism in a non-judgemental manner. £16,500 per year will cover the cost of one person's salary plus any necessary related expenses. £50K will cover 3 years' costs.