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Ryton Organic Gardens

Ryton Gardens is a unique organic learning centre with 12 acres of organic gardens, helping people learn to grow organically and live more sustainably. The project will improve areas of our gardens and enhance learning opportunities for 30,000 visitors each year.

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Organic growing has an essential role to play in environmental sustainability, community cohesion, human wellbeing and food security. With an estimated 25% of adults obese, and barely 35% consuming the recommended five portions of fresh fruit and veg a day, improved education in healthy food growing and eating has never been more important. Organic gardening can have a huge impact and there is real interest in organic home growing, but many people lack the skills and knowledge to succeed.


Ryton Gardens provides a perfect example of organic growing on a domestic scale, with accessible information, engaging displays, guided tours and educational activities. We welcome over 28,000 visitors each year, hundreds of school groups, we host volunteers and work placements, including the 14-19 age range and ex-offenders. We aim to improve the learning aspects of Ryton through garden development, education and new courses, enabling greater numbers of people to benefit from organic growing.