Britten Sinfonia

Britten Sinfonia

Giving families in Norwich and Cambridge the opportunity to meet Britten Sinfonia musicians and play along with the band. With instrument-making, percussion and gamelan workshops, opportunities to try out new instruments, concert performances and much more.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Britten Sinfonia Family Music Days have been running in Cambridge and Norwich for several years. They provide a wonderful opportunity for families to enjoy learning and making music together. Our recent events in October 2008 attracted around 300 families – many of whom had never been involved with classical or orchestral music previously. With activities for all levels of musical experience, the feedback from these events speaks for itself: “My son (age 7) was so inspired by the workshop, he came home eager to play, and more importantly believing he could play.” “The children were thrilled about being on stage with the musicians.” “Thank you for a fantastic day out for all the family.” The actual cost of these fantastic events would be over £75 for a family of four. We are determined to keep ticket prices far lower than this, and to continue to offer discounts for low income families. In order to do this, we need to raise at least £8000 to cover the difference between ticket income and the cost of the events. Your kind donation will help to ensure the continuation of these popular, fun and educational events.