Royal Association for Deaf People

Extending Opportunities For Young Deaf People

Ensure young deaf people in Essex have equal access to leisure and social activities. This will improve their skills, confidence and social networks.

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The Extending Opportunities project was developed following consultation with families who have deaf children and deaf children themselves. It was identified that the majority of social and leisure activities, such as sports clubs, guide camps, activity days etc. were inaccessible to deaf children. This was due to communication barriers, a lack of understanding about deafness and issues of low confidence among the children. Extending Opportunities solves this issue by: - Identifying and working with clubs and facilities who are interested in making services available to deaf children - Utilisng skilled BSL volunteers to act as communication support for deaf children accessing these facilities - Training and support for clubs and facilities to raise awareness about deafness and how to support a deaf child (with awards provided for best practice) - Specific events and activities to encourage hearing and deaf children to meet, socialise and make new friends, raising confidence and levels of skills for all involved The project requires £40,000 to run for one year. This will pay for: - Part time Project Manager - Volunteer training, travel and expenses - Office and communication costs - Training and support for clubs and facilities - Project promotion The goals of the project are: - To increase access to social and leisure facilities for deaf children - Improve skills and knowledge about deafness among local leisure facilities and clubs that will ensure long term inclusion of deaf children - Raise awareness of deafness among hearing children, encouraging integration between hearing and deaf children