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Low Carbon Innovation

To tackle climate change, we need bold action. We are already challenging our partner organisations with a demanding hierarchy on carbon: avoid emissions first, then reduce them, replace carbon-based energy sources with others, and offset as a last resort. The argument should not be biofuels versus energy efficiency, or renewables versus offsetting; it’s about bringing all of these solutions on stream, in the right way, at scale, as fast as possible.

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In order to stimulate the cultural and technological innovation we need, Forum for the Future is launching a series of projects to promote low-carbon innovation across business and the public sector. We would welcome further funding to further develop two of our interventions with the public sector. With renowned design consultancy IDEO, our ‘i-team’ will stimulate innovation in public services, helping three local authorities think differently about how their service delivery could improve and contribute more to sustainable development. While a new three-year project will look at how public sector bodies can use innovative funding and financing mechanisms to tackle climate change. For more information on these and other low-carbon innovation projects, contact