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Sustainable Investment and Finance

Our objective in working with this sector is to make the case for shifting financial resources towards sustainable activities and away from unsustainable ones. We have a particular focus on the development of innovative financial instruments – such as eco-bonds or micro-finance - to support sustainability.

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The UK is home to the most important financial centre in the world. This sector is critical to the transformation to a sustainable world, as financial services provide the foundation for all commercial activity. The way capital is allocated to businesses and individuals – right down to the types of savings, insurance and investment products available - has a major influence on sustainable development. Forum for the Future has an excellent track record in this area and is one of the few NGOs with the skills, access and reputation to get things done in the City. We will be exploring inconsistencies in current investment portfolios because they neither incorporate significant carbon reduction nor investment in adaptation nor quantified risk assessment; outlining ways in which climate change will affect the financial sector - eg through inflationary pressure on food prices; energy security; insurance costs etc - and comparing it with the fall-out from the credit crunch; and exploring the poverty impacts of climate change-related finance – drawing on the work we have done on making carbon markets work for the poor and ‘cleantech’. For more information on these projects, contact