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ASpire - Best Practice Guide to Mentoring - online resource

Aspire set up a mentoring project working with adults with Asperger Syndrome in 2005. The valuable lessons that the project has learned are too good to waste. The project would like to compile a 'How To...' guide for any other organisation considering establishing a mentoring project - for any group of individuals, not just those with AS.

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Aspire has developed a mentoring programme from scratch - from designing paperwork and systems, recruiting and training mentors, supervision and evaluation, through to matching and funding - the project has information. Why re-invent the wheel? Mentoring is increasingly being seen by government as a means of supporting hard to reach groups. We would like to compile and publish a free, open access resource to mentoring and how to operate a project which meets the needs of service users. Estimated costs for this one-off project - £40,000. What a bargain to make such a difference!