Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival

Expansion of and Replacement of Buildings to store and construct Carnival Floats.

To provide Bridgwater Carnival Clubs with similar facilities offered to clubs in neighbouring towns by the provision of well constructed secure sheds in which to store and build their floats for our annual Carnival.

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To remove existing sheds and replace them with a more solid larger secure structure, approximately 4000 sq.ft. in floor space each. Many clubs are finding that the existing sheds, whilst adequate when constructed now restrict their ambitions for the future. It is envisaged that the existing eight sites on land owned by BGFC would have their sheds replaced and that a further three sheds would be built on the newly acquired part of the site backing onto the rail lines. To ensure all sheds have an electric and water supply, the supplies are already in situ but would need to be extended to the proposed new sheds. The site currently has no toilet or sewerage facility, this would need to be addressed. A massive skill base is required to produce the spectacle that is now Bridgwater Carnival, people of all ages learn to work together as a team, learning new skills with a common aim, with families handing down skills from one generation to the next. Carnival manages to embrace every age group, children as young as two years old start their carnival life on the concert stage, appearing with the local dance troupes, giving several hundred youngsters an insight into carnival life and at the other extreme people in their eighties have appeared in both the Carnival Concert & Procession.