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Using Social Networks to reach People in Need

Our organisation is using social media networks to reach a larger audience in providing online psychological self-management skills. The project is engaging with marginalised groups using online learning tools to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people worldwide

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 November 2010 to 12:00 PM, 1 December 2013

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The project is solving the problem of lack of instant access to online psychological training for people from marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds. We are targeting people from around the world to use information at the same time to improve their lives, hence improve their quality of life. Reaching people from around the world through the web is an innovative idea that provides an alternative to traditional support. The Web is increasingly an essential resource for many aspects of life


Our organisation will engage in providing online training on psychological self-management skills for 7days a week with interactions from our target groups. Such interactions will allow people to engage and be involve in shaping the information that is provided. The Web would be used for delivering training, but also for providing information and interacting with others. It is essential that the Web is accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity

  • Supporting our work is supporting people in need

    — HP-MOS Trustees

  • Supporting our work is supporting people in need

    — HP-MOS Trustees