Shine (previously known as Great Yarmouth & Waveney Contact for Special Needs Help)

The Alpha Centre Capital Appeal

A new fully accessible children’s centre will allow the local community of Great Yarmouth and its surrounding boroughs to access modern facilities whereby services provided will contribute towards meeting the key needs of children with additional needs/disabilities and their families

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Disabled children and young people currently face multiple barriers that make it more difficult for them to achieve their potential, to attain the outcomes their peers expect and to succeed in education. Because of the behaviours of, and needs arising from, their children, parents are also heavily disadvantaged because they feel isolated and unable to look after their own needs. Families are doubly disadvantaged in Great Yarmouth because they live in a very deprived area with little support.


Disability at a young age creates significant physical, emotional, educational and financial challenges, both for the child and their families. They require a high level of specialist support to enjoy a good quality of life. However, dated, inaccessible premises were encroaching on Shine's ability to meet ever-increasing demand. The solution - to construct a new centre of excellence to provide larger, more modern facilities for a greater range of children-focused and parent-centred activities